We’ve been listening!

Here's what we've heard

We’ve worked to incorporate your input into the final recommendations – to reflect your voice and promote transformational change that positively impacts the region as a whole. Here is what we heard:

Public Input Highlights

The Bus Transformation Strategy is the result of extensive public and stakeholder feedback and significant collective effort. From when the Draft Strategy was released in May 2019, a regional, inclusive public engagement effort brought thousands of voices to the project and helped clarify the Strategy’s focus and final recommendations.

How it Happened

Went Where People Are:
Bilingual pop-up events at Metro stations, bus transit centers, grocery stores, and shopping areas all over the region, where people could learn about the project and take a short survey.

Promoted the Survey:
In-person, print, radio, and digital platforms to promote a short bilingual survey about the Draft Strategy.

Hosted Open Houses:
Three public open houses in central locations around the region to obtain feedback about the Draft Strategy.

Used Social Media:
Placed Instagram and Facebook ads to publicize the survey and outreach events – and many of those posts were shared by regional transit agencies and other critical stakeholders.

Public Survey Results

Top recommendation preferences, across all jurisdictions: 

Icon Principle 5 Cir Orange

Free transfers between bus and Metrorail

Icon Principle 2 Cir Orange

Build dedicated bus lanes

Icon Principle 4 Cir Orange

Run more buses on busy routes

Safe, accessible bus stops and discounted fares for low-income riders were high priorities for people aged 65 or over, Spanish-language survey respondents, and low-income respondents.

People across all demographic groups believed recommendations could transform bus in the region, and strongly supported public funding for implementation.

What the Comments Said

Free transfers to Metrorail is critical. The region’s transit system is built around being multi-modal. Why penalize people for using the system as designed?

Frequent needs to be reliably frequent. The bus needs to arrive when it’s supposed to arrive. The failure to do so is probably the most frustrating thing about riding the bus, and the thing that keeps some people from doing it at all.

Yes yes yes to dedicated bus lanes. Yes and more yes.

Enforcement programs for bus lanes are critical!


After releasing the draft Strategy on May 6th, we hosted a number of activities to solicit input from the public and various stakeholders. In just one month the project team hosted 3 public open houses and 13 pop-up events across the region!

Open Houses

The Bus Transformation Project team hosted three open houses across the region. Click here for event boards and self-guided PowerPoint presentation.

People gathered at Virginia open house

Virginia Open House

People gathered at the DC open house

DC Open House

People gathered at the Maryland open house

Maryland Open House

Pop-Up Events

The Bus Transformation Project team held 13 Pop-Up Events throughout the region to spread the word about the Draft Strategy and ask people to share their thoughts. Check out the map to see where we went in May 2019.

People gathered at the Anacostia Metro Station popup event booth

Anacostia Metro Station (DC)

People gathered at the Silver Spring Paul S. Sarbanes Transit Center popup event booth

Silver Spring Paul S. Sarbanes Transit Center (MD)

People gathered at the old town farmers market popup event booth

Old Town Farmers Market (VA)

Map of popup event locations in May 2019

The Bus Transformation Strategy is a plan to transform bus in the Washington region to improve service and the customer experience, creating a more cohesive area-wide system. The draft Bus Transformation Strategy was developed with insights from stakeholders, riders, and the public, and is based on extensive research and analysis.

Outreach to Date

The Bus Transformation Project has included a large amount of public and stakeholder engagement. So far, there has been:*

  • 8,800 Survey Responses from the General Public
  • 33 Public Pop-Up Events
  • 3 Public Open House Events
  • +21,000 Postcards and Fliers Distributed
  • 40 Stakeholder Interviews
  • 1 Kickoff Summit with 140+ Participants
  • 13 Metrobus Division Engagement Events
  • 10 Focus Groups
  • 25 Executive Steering Committee Meetings
  • 10 Technical Team Meetings
  • 5 Strategy Advisory Panel Meetings
  • 45 External Project Briefings
  • 9 WMATA Leadership Team Briefings
  • 243 postings on social media by 14 different agencies and dozens of additional regional partners
  • 15,365 People Reached by the Project Facebook Page

Highlights from Draft Strategy Public Outreach:*

  • 39 Spanish-language radio ads on El Zol
  • 16,900 SmarTrip users reached by email blast
  • 1,300 clicks on Facebook and Instagram ads
  • 1,500 emails to partner and stakeholder organizations
  • 10,900 postcards distributed
  • 500 comments received

*As of August 2019

What's next?

Thanks to all who have provided feedback. We could not have released the Strategy without all your input. In terms of what is next, we’ll be developing the Action Plan to implement the Strategy’s recommendations. This Action Plan will be the result of extensive collaboration with bus service operators, local jurisdictions, the State of Maryland, State of Virginia, and DC, among many others! Look for the release of this Plan later this year!

Event Photos

September 12, 2018
Braddock Road Metrorail Station
September 19, 2018
Clarendon Day
September 22, 2018
Technical Team Meeting
September 28, 2018
Village at Shirlington
September 29, 2018
8th and H St NE
October 1, 2018
ESC Meeting
October 3, 2018
Reston Town Center
October 3, 2018
Wheaton Metrorail Station
October 5, 2018
Fort Totten Metrorail Station
October 9, 2018
Columbia Heights Metrorail Station
October 13, 2018
Takoma Langley Crossroads
October 15, 2018
SAP Meeting
November 5, 2018
ESC Meeting
November 7, 2018
Technical Team Meeting
November 30, 2018
CBO Focus Group
December 6, 2018
Technical Team Meeting
January 25, 2019
Takoma Langley Crossroads Transit Center
May 6, 2019
Silver Spring Paul S. Sarbanes Transit Center
May 7, 2019
Wiehle-Reston East Station
May 8, 2019
Rosslyn Metro Station
May 9, 2019
McPherson/Franklin Square Park
May 10, 2019
Giant Food on Alabama Ave SE
May 11, 2019
Columbia Heights Metro Station
May 13, 2019
New Carrollton Metro Station
May 14, 2019
Anacostia Metro Station
May 15, 2019
Shady Grove Metro Station
May 16, 2019
Fort Totten Metro Station
May 17, 2019
Old Town Farmers Market
May 18, 2019
Village at Shirlington
May 18, 2019